Combine filters

In Rule you can merge two or more filters together into one combined filter. That combined filter will then have the same characteristics as a regular filter with the exception that it has more components. Please the step-by-step instructions below. 


Here’s how to merge two different types of customer data into one combined filter.  As an example we pick Finnish customers who have made purchases for more than 300 EUR. This will result in three steps which you can follow here:

- First, you have to create a filter based on the target group (the tag country) with a rule, in this case, Country = Finland.

- Second, you create a filter that segments those, in this case, who spent more than more 300 Euros. This filter does also have to be based on a tag (in this case order) as similar to the first step because we need a tag to filter the information from.

- Third, finally you create a third and final filter in which you group the two from before. The process will the be the following 1-2-3:

1) Create Filter #1

- Base it on the tag from which you will make your selection. (e.g. Newsletter)

- Choose the group with custom fields (if unsure see Subscribers>Groups and Custom fields)

In the first field you pick Country, as shown below. In the field in the middle you choose “equals to” and in the third one to the right you add the country name. Note: If your customer data is segmented in e.g. “Country” then use “Finland” the same way is spelled and presented from your e-commerce platform. Sometimes countries are shortened to UK, SE or FI so in that case you should use the short version to match from where you get your data. See pictures below. 

- Click  Save rule to sync and to proceed with the next one.

2) Create Filter #2

- Base it on the tag from which you will make your selection. (e.g. OrderCreated) 

- Choose the group Order (Subscribers>Groups and Custom fields) 

- Then you add the rules for the filter in the three fields by choosing “Order.Sum”, “”is greater of equals to” and to the right you add “300”. See the setup below. 

- Click on Save Rule to start syncing the filter. 

3) Create Filter #3, merge filter 1 & 2.

Finally you create the third filter which will contain the filters from earlier. 

- Go to Tags & filters

- Click on New filter

- Name your filter and the tags you wish to collect info from. Then choose Combine Filter 

- Then you locate your filters 1 & 2 by typing in their namnes. See the picture below to comparison. 

- Click Save rule to sync. Done! 

If you have further wuestions about you combine filters please describe your cse to us at


Team Rule

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