Add a credit card

By adding a credit card in Rule (Settings>Admin) it opens up to more flexibility for Rule-users. When adding a credit card you can easily register as a new customer and get started right away. You can also change account size and payment plan depending on your business's needs and you can manage new users or delete old ones

The possibilities above is of course also possible for you as a invoice customer in Rule given that you have approved invoice details via Rule Communication.

To register your credit card please follow the steps below and the instructions on your screen: 

  • Go to Settings and the tab Admin as presented below.

  • Click the button Add card and fill in your card details.  

  • Choose the most suitable account size: 

If you are already a Rule-user you need to have the status as SuperAdmin. If you have the contract privileges please contact us via for an update of your account privileges. 

/Team Rule

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