How to set up automation emails

Automation within Rule is a great way of preset email and/or text messages. You make the decision of when it should be sent out and what cause/event that will work as a trigger. The basics of Automation in Rule is that you create the criterias for the trigger, when they are matched the email(s) will be sent. As an example you can easily create a "Thank You"-note that will be sent two days afterwards the client has matched the criterias of a completed purchase. Please see example shown below. 

Here is an example of a feed with three pre-set emails. The first one is set to go out directly, the second one to be sent fourteen days later and the third to go out twenty five days later from the clients matched the trigger's criteria of the tagg/filter (here Ny kund ENG): 

To begin to create an automation please follow these step-by-step points: 

  • Go to the Automation menu via the dropdown list on your left side on the screen.  
  • Click on New automation.
  • Proceed by choosing trigger (tag or filter) which will determine when the email will be sent. You can set the time of the automail via the cogwheel icon. 
  • Then pick Add email to create a campaign. 
  • In the next step choose your template and go on to creating content with text and pictures. Here you also add sender and sender email, subject and utm-code. (UTM is for tracking this specific campaign in Google Analytics) 

  • When you are finished click Save draft and then click on Automation to go back to the Automation menu to edit the rest of the feed. In the Automation section you will see you recently created email in place. 

When here, edit the time settings for the frequency when the email will be sent, see the cogwheel icon. The icons to your right: Penn: Edit the content. Diagram: See statistics. Cogwheel: Settings. 

To activate the feed and campaigns toogle the Yes/No-button. 

  • When process is done, the automated email is ready to go out as soon as possible when the tagg/filter is matched! 

(For automated order- and shipping confirmations please check all necessary customer data within your CRM and make sure that it is available within Rule via API. For developers see Settings>Developer or review our API-documentation at

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