What happens when a customer clicks on the unsubscribe button?

When a subscriber clicks on the Unsubscribe link below in the newsletter they will automatically be blocked in Rule. You can see your suppressed customers via Subscribers and the tab Suppressed on the right side on the screen.

Instantly when a customer unsubscribes they are automatically directed to a landing page provided by Rule that simply confirms that they are blocked. 

We recommend you to have a landing page with your own design. In that case you have the opportunity to own the unsubscribe process better. You may also get the possibility to communicate with the customer. For example you can use a questionnaire to ask them about their experience, why they choose to leave, if the themes of the newsletters wasn’t on point etc. Additional tips can be to add a discount code or also have the regret button close.

You add your landing page for unsubscribed customers via Settings, just click on the red link and type you URL:  

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