How to create and edit signup forms in Rule?

You can easily use Rule to create signup forms to gather customer information such as email address etc. To create a signup form go to Subscribers>Signup for your website and follow the four steps below. 

From here you follow four short steps. Where you in Step 1 choose which tag people who signup will go to and what info you wish to ask for (first name, mobile number etc.) In Step 2, you create the email for confirming the signup. In Step 3 you add landing pages of your choice and in the final Step 4 you will get the signup form ready to go in HTML code. 

Step 1 - Signup input form 

Here you can customize the signup fields and which new subscriber data that you require.

  • Name of the signup form, this will later display in Signup form for your website page. 
  •  Tag: Add the required tag for new signup subscribers. Subscribers will automatically end up in these tags and you can later trigger automated emails to the tag. 
  •  Email: The filed for email address is set as default. You can add extra fields manually. 
  •  Language: Add the required language for new subscribers. 
  • Once all required fields has been added, click Next to proceed. The HTML code will later be ready in step 4.

Step 2 - Email 

In order to validate a new signup, you will have to create a confirmation to reassure that subscribers information is right (eg. correct spelled address). In this step you can create your own confirmation email and use the design from your templates. 

IMPORTANT: The URL %LinkOptin% is required to confirm a new sign up, without this set up correctly all signups will stay as pending and will not receive any newsletter campaigns. As an example the text "Welcome, click here to confirm your address" must be linked the right way, see instruction here:

First highlight your confirmation text (or button) in the email editor and make it as a link via the toolbar at the top of the page. A new window will open and here you paste the  %LinkOptin%-link  in URL field and select other as protocol (see picture below). 

Once you satisfied with your email design, click save and proceed to Step 3.

Step 3 - Setting

Here you can customize and add your landing pages to confirm a successful signup or if it failed. Just add the URL for each landing page response you want to redirect the subscriber to or leave it blank (it will show a Rule register response page by default if no new URL is given)

Don't forget to check the green box if there is a new URL giving and then Next to proceed to the Summary. 

Step 4 - Summary

In this final step to the left you will see the code that has been created from Step 1, preview of signup box is displayed to the right. Notice that our form have default styling and can be customized later on your webpage, copy it and then paste in to your web site.

Mvh Team Rule

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